Rocktron Multiplex Processore effetti da chitarra


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Rocktron Multiplex con n. 6 pedali di controllo

Multieffetto a rack cablato con pedali per il comando degli effetti inclusi.



Compression, Distortion, Chorus, Exciter, Vintage Rack

The Rocktron Multiplex is a single rackspace multi-effects unit specifically designed to provide diverse sound combinations in an efficient package. Internal automatic noise reduction provides noise free performance whether the Multiplex is used in live performance situations or in recording studio settings.

The Multiplex is equipped for optional external foot switching.
Compressor – Distortion – Chorus – Exciter – Effect Loop – 3 1/4″ stereo foot switch jacks for Compressor, Distortion, Effect Loop, Exciter, Chorus Sweep, Chorus Depth – 1/4″ Instrument Input – 1/4″ Line outputS

Made in USA

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