Kurzweil GX 1000 expander midi per chitarre e bassi


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Now after extensive research in the laboratory and a multi-million dollar investment, we’re introducinq the revolutionary K000 SX String Expander module, the 1000 HX Horn Expander, the 1000 GX Guitar Expander, the 1000 PX Professional Expander (which contains a varied collection of Kurzweil’s most renowned samples) and the K1000 (the keyboard version of the 1000 PX).

The 1000 Series’ generous polyphonic capabilities (24 voices in the 1000 PX and K1000; 20 voices in the 1000 GX, 1000 HX and 1000 SX free you from the limitations of 12-voice and 16-voice systems. With 24 voices at your command, you’ll never again have to worry about overstepping your bounds and running out of notes. Go ahead; stack voices to your heart’s content. Build complex multi-voiced sequences. Go for those big, two fisted chord shapes. The 1000 Series modules give you miles of sonic territory to roam at will. And, if you need more than 24 voices to be free, you can combine all 1000 Series units to create an 84-voice, 8-output super system..

The full MIDI multi timbral capabilities let you make the most of all the voices. Any of the 96 MIDI control sources or MIDI performance features (mono and poly pressure, attack and release velocity, key or note state can be patched to control any program module LFO rates and depths, envelope rates and depths. Iaver balance, amplitude and pitch control, etc.l. And, all keyboard assignments can be stored in any of 64 memory locations. In Multi Mode, any program or patch can be assigned to any or all of the 16 MIDI channels. Our dynamic voice allocation system automatically sees to it that voices never “sit idle” when they’re needed on another channel. It’s the perfect system for sequencer work or for any combination of sequenced parts and real-time playing. And to gain even greater freedom, you can use our Object MoverTM software program for the Apple MacintoshTM computer. It provides plentiful offline storage of pro gram data while letting you program and play the 1000 Series right from your Mac.

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